Subject: Earn a clinical nutrition master’s degree online

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The need for professionals in clinical nutrition who have master’s degrees is growing. University of Wisconsin–Madison has an online option that lets you earn a master’s in as few as 4 semesters. It’s an opportunity to take your skills further and do more for your patients.

Taught by world-class faculty, the highly-ranked1 clinical nutrition master's program prepares you to provide exceptional care. Learn through project-based activities and case studies, collaborate with other professionals through web conferences and discussion boards, and take advantage of the latest research in the field. The advanced skills and specialized knowledge you’ll gain will benefit the people and communities you serve and you’ll be able to take your career in the direction you choose.

The clinical nutrition master’s prepares you to help and heal. You’ll:

  • Respond to developments in practice, policy, and research
  • Design nutrition-related services
  • Become a leader in the field

The flexible online program accommodates your schedule and goals. Whether you’re working or preparing for an internship, you can pursue your M.S. and still keep up with your current responsibilities.

Learn more about the master’s in clinical nutrition online program. Download a course guide today.

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Reminder: Beginning in 2024, dietitians will need a master’s degree to take the RDN exam. This is a great opportunity to take that step.

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