Subject: Vote Now for our siggi’s starters finalists!

Thank you for your continued support of Today's Dietitian. Below is information from one of our sponsors:

After supporting communities through previous initiatives, including Siggi Supports Entrepreneurs, product donations to NYC frontline workers during the peak of COVID-19, and donations to Black Lives Matter and the African American Policy Forum, siggi’s is continuing its history of supporting communities and entrepreneurs.

Now, siggi’s needs your help to select three registered dietitians who have applied to siggi’s starters to win one of three $20,000 grants and ongoing mentorship from siggi’s to implement a community nutrition program.

Your vote will help determine the three $20,000 grant recipients!
Grant recipients will be announced in the fall.

about siggi’s starters

siggi’s starters is based on the principle that a simple yet innovative idea can flourish and create positive change when paired with the right mentorship and support – similar to the founding principles that led Siggi Hilmarsson to create his signature skyr back in 2005. the siggi’s starters program builds on years of mutual support among siggi’s and the registered dietitian community.