Subject: The Best of Breakfast – 2019

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According to a recent survey fielded by The Quaker Oats Company, nearly half (47%) of people in the US prefer to eat a savory item for breakfast. While savory breakfasts are national favorites, ingredient preferences vary by region. Check out what the Midwest, Northeast, South and West have to say about their favorite breakfast options and visit for oatmeal recipe inspiration you can share with local clients and patients based on your region’s preferences.
Unlike other regions, Midwesterners prefer sweet breakfasts (47%) more than any other flavor option. And while a big breakfast is a preference for those in this region (60%), they also enjoy a simple breakfast like oatmeal. Fifty five percent of those surveyed in the Midwest like to sprinkle their oatmeal with Brown Sugar, more than the national average (50%).
  • Breakfast Recommendation: Encourage your Midwesterners to put a sweet spin on their bowl of oatmeal with naturally sweet fruit and spices, like this Banana Bread Oatmeal with brown sugar and cinnamon.
Those who hail from the Northeast love focusing on a food’s nutritional value (63%) and are all about foods that are quick (42%) and easy to prepare (43%). For nearly half (48%), flavor is also important. And 63% enjoy instant oats – higher than any other region in the country.  
The South is known for hearty soul food, and we might say the South is known for making breakfast at home (82%) – like having eggs (54%), bacon (34%) and sausage (28%) as a family. This region also loves being creative with their morning meal (62%).
  • Breakfast Recommendation: Try a scaled down and nutritious take on a big breakfast with this creative Savory Breakfast Bowl.
Known for incorporating fresh, seasonal foods (61%) and focusing on food’s nutritional value (58%), it’s no surprise that berries (46%) and herbs (41%) are regional favorites in the West along with savory ingredients (45%). Eighty percent of Americans in the West enjoy eating oatmeal in a bowl with toppings as compared to eating oatmeal as a breakfast bake, overnight oats or in a smoothie.
  Oats are highly versatile, offering countless possibilities for more nutrition without sacrificing taste. For more resources to help you engage with clients and consumers, including delicious and nutritious recipes, downloadable social starters, and handouts, check out the RD Toolkit.
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