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New Resources

At the Canned Food Alliance, we strive to help health and nutrition professionals communicate the many benefits of canned fruits, vegetables, beans, lean meats and seafood. In an effort to do just that, we wanted to flag of few of our latest resources:
  • Menu Modeling Research Toolkit—we developed three separate four-day menus (one for each dietary pattern outlined in the DGAs), a Nutrient Reference Guide, PLUS four new recipe cards showcasing a breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner meal idea. The research and the materials show how just a few small shifts, including adding one or two canned foods can help Americans meet the Dietary Guidelines.
  • New Myths vs. Facts Page on—explains the most common myths about canned foods with easy-to-understand terminology, but backed by the latest science.
  • Simple Process Infographic—help us teach consumers about "What’s Inside the Can." For many canned fruits, vegetables and beans, it's just the food + water, that's it!
As recommended in the DGAs, all forms of fruits and vegetables, whether they are canned, fresh, frozen or dried, count towards dietary goals. We encourage you to recommend "All Forms."

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