Subject: Natural flavors can replace sweeteners in healthy drinks

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GOOD IDEA – an un-sweetened approach to sugar substitution

Sugary drinks contain lots of calories, and replacing them with e.g. carbonated water makes a big difference, both in energy intake and by avoiding blood sugar rushes. Artificial sweeteners can do “half the job”, but have also been associated with negative health effects similar to those of sugar. Good Idea goes it own way: by skipping all sweeteners and working with carefully chosen, all natural flavors, we have created an attractive substitution for sugary and artificially sweetened drinks.

In a brand new report (May 2018) Dr Ingrid Kohlstadt, Faculty Associate at Johns Hopkins University and a key opinion leader in integrative medicine gives a number of interesting perspectives on the healthy properties of Good Idea. The full report can be downloaded here.

Dr Ingrid Kohlstadt

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Good Idea® is our all natural, un-sweetened, functional sparkling water with a blend of five amino acids and chromium that is scientifically proven to reduce the blood sugar spike after a meal with fast carbs by 20–30%. The direct benefit of this is that it can take away the crashes and cravings that many people experience after a meal. And in the longer perspective, getting away from recurring blood sugar spikes is an investment in good health that makes a real difference.

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Elin Öste, CMO