Subject: It’s All about the heart.

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February is all about the heart. At Quaker, we take heart health seriously – and deliciously. This year, we partnered with James Beard Award winning chef and registered dietitian Ellie Krieger to help consumers think creatively about oats and their importance to a heart healthy diet.

The Quaker commitment to being a helper of hearts began decades ago. In fact, Quaker helped research the heart healthy benefits of oats and received the first FDA-approved heart health claim specifically for oats 20 years ago.[1] The health claim is supported by scientific evidence showing that 3g of beta-glucan soluble fiber from whole grain oats per day helps lowers LDL-cholesterol.
A ½-cup serving of Quaker Old Fashioned Oats contains about 2g of soluble fiber. Whole grain oats can be added to a variety of foods, such as smoothies, salads, or yogurt, throughout the day to help reach the daily goal of 3 grams. For example, take a look at how Carla Hall recently featured oats on The Chew for a dried fruit and nut overnight oats parfait!
We also partnered with Ellie to host the “The Wellness Report”,  a series of three Facebook Lives, where she addresses consumer’s most pressing nutrition questions.

Check out the final episode TODAY at 4pm EST on Ellie’s Facebook and the previous episodes linked here and here.

[1] This claim states, "soluble fiber from oatmeal as a daily part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol may reduce the risk of heart disease. Three grams daily are needed for this benefit."
These delicious recipes incorporate oats to fit with a heart-healthy lifestyle: