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Fresh avocados provide good fats for good health
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Fresh avocados - Love One Today - naturally good fats + cholesterol free
Fresh avocados provide good fats for good health
Two whole avocados and one avocado split in half
Fresh Avocados—Love One Today® is gearing up for a year of exciting collaborations, continued nutrition research and, as always, bringing you the scoop on good fat.
Good fats are a go for heart health
The Good Fats Workbook You may be surprised to learn that only 40% of consumers view unsaturated fats as healthy1, and that they’re often confused when it comes to the types of dietary fat and the foods that contain them.
Wish you had a turn-key resource to help set the record straight? Look no further, we’ve got you covered with our brand-new
Good Fats Workbook. Click here to download.
1. IFIC 2017 Food and Health Survey.
Want to sharpen your own stuff?
The American Heart Association recently launched a CME course for health professionals— “The Facts on Fats: How They Fit Into Healthy Eating.” The 60-minute course is free to register and you can sign up here.
Looking for more? This year, we’re teaming up with the California Walnut Commission to spread the good news about good-fat foods, like walnuts and avocados, and the benefits they provide as part of a heart-healthy diet. Join the conversation and follow #TeamGoodFat.
Bowl of sweet potato avocado soup
Heart-Healthy Creamy Sweet Potato Soup
This soup makes a light meal on its own or a savory addition to dinner. Ready in just 30 minutes!
Click here for the recipe.
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