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OWYN | Only What You Need
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Delicious plant-based protein shake made from premium and pronounceable ingredients without the top 8 food allergens.
OWYN | Only What You Need and Nothing that You Don’t

Free from the Top 8 Food Allergens | Every lot of every ingredient and the finished product is tested by 3rd party laboratories to ensure no cross contact with the Top 8

High protein | Multi-source protein blend of peas, pumpkin seeds, and flaxseeds to deliver all the essential amino acids

High fiber | Soluble pea fiber that has been demonstrated to selectively modulate the gut microbiota composition

Superfoods greens blends | Broccoli, spinach, and kale in every bottle

Vegan omega-3 fatty acids | 535mg from flaxseeds

No artificial ingredients | No sugar alcohols

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