Subject: Enjoy Better Gut Health with HI! Happy Inside


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HI! Happy Inside
A delicious way to support digestive wellness
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HI! Happy Inside is a cereal that supports digestive wellness, delivering the power of 3-in-1: prebiotics, probiotics and fiber all in one delicious cereal. The combination makes HI! Happy Inside a great option to support digestive wellness and a good start to your day, every day. The brand was developed as part of Kellogg’s commitment to creating proactive approaches to health through real foods that deliver more of what consumers need for supporting digestive wellness. HI! Happy Inside delivers 1 billion CFU live probiotics, 2.5 grams of prebiotics, and contains 8-9g of fiber depending on variety. The cereal comes in three delicious flavors of Bold Blueberry, Simply Strawberry, and Coconut Crunch.

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