Subject: Celebrate Sept. 27 with Hershey's and TruMoo chocolate milk

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National Chocolate Milk Day
Celebrate Sept. 27 and every day with Hershey's and TruMoo chocolate milk from Diversified Foods Inc.
Chocolate milk, a favorite of kids and adults alike, gets its own official day in the limelight each year on Sept. 27: National Chocolate Milk Day.

Thankfully, the beverage invented by Hans Sloane in the late 1680s can be celebrated every day of the year with Diversified Foods Inc.'s Hershey's and TruMoo chocolate milk.

The milk — available in fat free, 2%, 1% and 2% Protein Plus — is velvety-smooth, with a taste that is unmatched.

It’s also shelf-stable, meaning it doesn’t have to be refrigerated until you’re ready to use. It’s super convenient for families, schools, food banks, restaurants, hospitals and sports teams.

Raise a glass of Hershey's and TruMoo chocolate milk on Sept. 27 and every day!

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