Subject: Celebrate Family Meals Month with Balance Your Plate

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Fill Your Table During National Family Meals Month

September’s National Family Meals Month, led by the Food Marketing Institute, is an opportune time to celebrate the benefits of shared meals. Small or large, friends or family — meals are better when we eat together.

Overcome Modern-Day Constraints With One Simple Equation

We get it — busy schedules are a barrier. Cue Balance Your Plate with Nestlé — a mealtime solution to fit within your packed calendar. Balance Your Plate is a simple equation for building delicious, nutritious and convenient meals that meet MyPlate recommendations. And since frozen and refrigerated entrées slash time in the kitchen, you can shift your focus to what matters most — quality time with friends and family.
Frozen Entrée, Frozen Pizza or Refrigerated Pasta + Quick, Easy and Nutritious Side Dish = A Balanced Plate
To inspire your #FamilyMealsMonth with #BalanceYourPlate, we’ve gathered some of our favorite recipe videos below. Explore these dishes in your own kitchen or use their pairing recommendation as a mealtime guide.

Simple and Delicious
Sunday Meal
Dinner Solution
Friday Night,
Pizza Night
Three Cheese Tortellini
Skillet Primavera Chicken
Lasagna with Meat & Sauce
Broccoli Soup
Roasted Pear
DIGIORNO® pizzeria!® Four Cheese Pizza
Crunchy Edamame
Chickpea Salad
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