Subject: A Knowledge-Rich Nutrition Master’s: Part of a Healthy Career

Learn more about Adelphi University’s affordable, online M.S. in Nutrition program.

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Learn more about Adelphi University’s affordable, online M.S. in Nutrition program.

Enhance your expertise. For yourself, your clients and your communities.

Dietitians today face the dual challenge of continually developing their own expertise and of translating their knowledge for non-experts. Consumers overall, and many of your clients, can be confused by nutrition topics, especially with the sheer volume of information available publicly—according to a 2018 report from the International Food Information Council, for example, 80% of Americans say there is a lot of conflicting information about what foods to eat or avoid.

With these challenges in mind, we wanted to let you know about an online M.S. in Nutrition program that can help you stay current with the latest nutrition advancements and develop communication skills to better serve your clients.

Enhance Your Career at Adelphi University
Adelphi University’s 100% online M.S. in Nutrition program is designed to build advanced nutrition expertise as well as nutrition communication skills and an understanding of effective policies for community health.
The program is an ideal fit for nutrition professionals like you who want to enhance their current skills, better serve their clients and communities, and enhance their careers. According to PayScale, for example, registered dietitians with an M.S. in Nutrition earn a nearly 9 percent higher average salary than RDs overall.

The flexible, online format means you can earn your M.S. in Nutrition without putting your career on hold. The program is taught by the same faculty who teach on-campus in New York, giving you the same quality of education that on-campus students receive. Adelphi's distinguished faculty includes published nutrition researchers, physiologists and other health professionals as well as public health experts. 
Click here to request information about the program and download a free brochure. You can also speak to an enrollment counselor by calling 888.252.4110.
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